Occupational counseling

Occupational counseling is a short term process, which helps the client to take a decision about the accurate career path. The counseling is based on personal meetings, as well as vocational questionnaire, personality and cognitive tests. On the average, it takes 5 sessions, in which we try to diagnose 3 major fields:

  1. Competences: what are the clients strong points, regarding skills and talents
  2. Occupational tendencies: what are the main subjects that interest the client
  3. Personality: what are the client's main traits and values

After answering these questions, I can see an holistic integrative picture of the client and suggest studies or jobs that fit this picture.
The counseling process is an empowering process which focuses on the clients virtues and strengths. It gives energy and motivation. For the process to succeed, client should be willing to be open with the therapist and do some “homework” in between the sessions.