Client Recommendations

AMCHA - Commendation letter - להגדלה
Dr. Anat Rappoport is very intelligent, open minded, calm and pleasant.For a long time I couldn't find a job because I didn't succeed in the interviews. After a short therapy with Anat I felt a big change and I got accepted to all the places who interviewed me! I highly recommend her!.
S. K.

age 30

When I came to you I was really desperate. I tried twice to pass a difficult course at the university and failed. I thought I would never succeed academically. I never thought I failed not because I wasn't smart enough but because of psychological reasons. I thought of changing my career path, but didn't know how to do it. You introduced me to a new field: bio-medical engineering. Now I feel optimistic again.
A. R.

age 23

When I came to you I was a frustrated housewife. A few years I have not been working because I was raising my twins. I lost my confidence and was afraid to look for a job. You understood me and slowly but surely helped me gain back my confidence. Now I began working part time and I have also began studying! Many thanks!
S. T.

age 40

For many years I have been dissatisfied with my job. I thought I would begin to study something new but I was afraid to, so I came to you. I thought you would push me to start something new but after the psychological and cognitive tests I understood I should stay at my job, while I find a solution to my dissatisfaction elsewhere. I decided to start volunteering and since then I feel that I am really doing something significant! I will keep in touch with you and keep you updated!
H. L.

age 45

This is not the first time that I am going to vocational counselling. I have gone to the biggest firms but did't find a solution. With you it was different and I have found my path.
G. L.

age 28

I have always wanted to be an artist but I didn't have the guts to do it. I thought you can't make money. After seeing you I decided to take drawing lessons. since then I am really happy. Even my parents supported this after they heard this was a recommendation of an occupational psychologist. Thank you so much for the support!
A. A.

age 41

I came to you in order to prepare myself to an interview. You asked me difficult questions and was quite tough but this really helped me to be my best at the interview
A. P.

age 36

I came to Anat when I was frustrated about job issues and contemplating whether to study for M.A. I was surprised to see that the process with Anat wasn't at all cold or technical, as my friends who went to big firms who do vocational counseling told me. The process was based mostly on personal sessions. We worked on my career history, trying to understand what are the main things that make me enjoy my work. We thought of ideas how to make my decisions less anxious. Anat was reassuring and made me feel secure and focused. In a short and not so expensive process I got to some meaningful understandings which I wouldn't miss. I certainly recommend her.
A. B.

age 30

When the firm I was interested to work for told me I would need to take tests before I get accepted I was sure I would pass them easily. I came to you because my wife pressed me to go to someone professional. Now I see it was totally necessary. You gave me some important tips about things I was totally unaware of. I recommend anyone taking tests to be accepted to a job to come to you and get some professional help.
S. R.

age 32

I am a single mother so I dont have much options. I am also a person who tends to be picky and skeptical so I didnt think you would help me. I am glad to say I was wrong. Event management and production fits me perfectly. Many thanks!
A. S.

age 37

Anat has an extraordinary gift to diagnose all the virtues of het clients. I was sorry she isn't the one who will interview me to potential jobs. In her methodic and intelligent way she knows how to help and find each person his own “box”. When I came to Anat I was very confused about my future. She saw my needs and pointed out to potential paths I could turn to. I felt how she genuinely wanted to help me.
H. G.

age 40

Anat helped me put my thoughts in order. She helped me see my real needs and wishes and to decide which are my following steps. We had a very short process, only 2 sessions, but it was great and made me get back into action.
A. H.

age 26

It's a long time that I have been wanting to check out thoroughly my vocational aims. I sincerely wanted to know what is the right path for me. I wanted to know what is really right for me, even if others don't approve of it and even if it is not a highly status profession. What kind of profession could fit me as a new mother. I am really happy Anat was the one with me in this process. She was truly interested in me. This made the process deep and the conclusions were significant
H. B.

age 32

Anat had an amazing personality. She is a good listener and very pleasant. I felt it was easy for me to work with her and achieve my goals. She was very professional as well as methodical and I believe she is one of the great diagnozers in her field. These days, when the job market is so unstable and the personal ambitions often contradict the markets needs, it is very important to find out what kind of professions really fit us and are worth spending our money to study them. Anat has a PhD, she knows what she is doing and can help you reach your goals
R. L.

age 51